Washing The HoodieBuddie

Washing HoodieBuddie is very simple as the whole thing can be put straight into a washing machine and washed on a cold cycle (30C degrees) and then left to drip-dry.

There is no need to remove the built-in HB3 earbuds and microphone cable from the hoodie as it is fully machine washable – however please remember to remove your smartphone/ipod/iphone device from the pocket as this is not washable!!

The video & graphic below shows how to care & maintain your HoodieBuddie to keep it fresh, clean & ready to rock your world whenever you want.

Washing instructions & guidelines for HoodieBuddie Hoodies

Washing the HoodieBuddie at higher temperatures, or tumble drying the HoodieBuddie, will result in the earbuds discolouring, audio quality of the headphones being affected and possibly not working, &, the affect the quality of the hoodie.