How It Works

How does the hoodiebuddie work? HoodieBuddie animation showing how the HoodieBuddie works & how to use the hoodiebuddie HB3 technology earbuds & microphone

What is the HoodieBuddie, &, how does it play music?

How does the hoodiebuddie work? The HoodieBuddie contains a standard 3.5mm universal headphone jack found in one of the kangaroo pockets. This 3.5mm jack supports all compatible devices eg. smartphone, mp3, iPod & iPhone.

Using our patented HB3 Technology™ is what makes our hoodies totally unique and more than just any other hoodie. It’s what make our hoodies a hoodiebuddie.

Just plug in your device of choice into the hoodiebuddie and your ready. The audio travels through the hidden cables to the earbuds built in to the ends of the drawstrings. HoodieBuddie brings music to the ears

Another reason why the hoodiebuddie is different from all other hoodies is that the entire hoodiebuddie is 100% machine washable. This also includes the built-in hidden cables, earbuds & microphone. This is because of our unique worldwide patented HB3 Technology™. Click here for hoodiebuddie maintenance & washing instructions

Whether your going to the gym, on your way to work or on the plane, simply plug in your hoodiebuddie to your device of choice and you will have music in your hoodie. Because the HB3 headphones are built-in you they will always be tangle-free and you will be ready to rock.

hoodiebuddie makes your life easier. hoodiebuddie music to your ears